Short colourful fun threads

craft tools

I had a short colourful fun threads moment shooting for my beloved sister’s new website yesterday. It was an impromptu event when she was struggling trying to locate some good photos for her shiny new website. And I had my camera with me so thought why don’t I just shoot some stuff for her!

colourful threads

I started out by gathering a few things from her sewing workstation. These colourful threads are perfect to add some vibrance to her website.

Next I picked up some “good looking” tools to add as props. I didn’t have any kind of light modifier with me so had to make do with the natural light source and we were thankful it was a nice sunny day!

So I began shooting some overhead shots that she can use as some headers/banners on her website. I had no tripod with me either so all shots here were taken handheld. My hands are not the most steadiest so had to capture a lot of shots to choose the best.

craft tools

One thing I must admit, the theme I got going during this shoot is not something I’d normally do – bright and airy! I’ve been wanting to add more bright and airy photos to my portfolio and was just so glad to (accidentally) encounter this opportunity 🙂

colourful threads

I was overall satisfied with the photos though I wish I had more equipments with me so I could shoot better. Perhaps next time when we plan ahead 🙂

Do visit her website at especially if you’re in search of elegant embroidery design! She’s also on Instagram as @jaggycrafys_embroidery

If you wish to see more of my drooling photography, come say hello on Instagram @shotbyedahani where I would post (almost) consistently on food and product photography. Or if you’re looking to collaborate or hire me to shoot your products, feel free to reach out.

Until next time, take care and stay safe!

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