Be brave, you can do it

All my life, for the past 40 years I’ve been breathing, I’ve always told myself “I cannot draw!”. Everyone that knows me well can attest to that. I can’t even draw a proper stick man to save my life! BUT, these past few weeks, well since MCO (Movement Control Order observed in Malaysia due to Covid-19 situation) started anyway,I’ve challenged myself to be brave and just do it.

What (more of who) got me started was Ali Brown (BIG fan of hers, I love her journaling style and her take on watercolour painting), while watching her videos on YouTube, I stumbled upon a video where she and Jen (of Chic Sparrow) making arts together. And Jen talked about the lines of proportion in drawing faces. So I began to learn more about those lines and started to draw faces, finding my own style.

I still haven’t found my style. And for now I am just enjoying the journey, testing as many different styles I can, learning from various artists I adore, before deciding what my style will be.

I made this painting when I was testing the acrylic paints I just got, and playing around with mixing colours. I think I don’t really use dark or intense colours so far thus I am naming this painting as “Be Brave”. The loose lines and asemic writing were inspired by Dina Wakley (an artist whose style sings to me very loudly). I’ve added few of her online classes in my wishlist, hoping I can join some of them soon.

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