Hello, new decade!

hello new decade - 2020 mantra

Today is the day I say hello to the new decade, and farewell 2019!

People often ask what is my new year tradition. I get confused, should there be a tradition? Because I don’t have one. It’s just another day for me, usually. Let’s see, last new year, I was baking and doing usual house chores (thanks to my bujo or else I wouldn’t have remembered!). The year before? Spent with my sis and her family. Before that? Home, baking. This year? What do you think? I am literally just spending time here waiting for the cakes to cool down. Oh well, guess I do have a tradition – baking!

My Hobonichi and I

Hobonichi Search & Collect A6
Search & Collect in A6

Honestly, what I really wish to do now is just going to a place I’ve never been and spent some time on my own, with my beloved Hobonichi! 2020 is my first year trying out all the sizes they have. I started with the Weeks and Original Techo mid 2019. And I must say I fell instantly in love with it, hard. The paper is such a joy to write on! Especially when I use fountain pens. Really brings out the character in all the inks. I’ve since decided, life is too short to spend on crappy paper!

Since I am a planner on a budget, I didn’t go crazy with all the covers. Only got myself one cover for my 2020 Original Techo which mostly will be my all-in-one journal, bujo style. I decided to go with the Weeks Mega (in Shell Pink) for my main EDC in 2020 which will be housed in my wallet. And the Cousin won’t have any cover for now since I am testing the size to see if it will work for me. I have a feeling it’s a little bulky and heavy for me. I most definitely won’t be carrying it around every day as it will only be used for my study and business related matters.

Bucketlist for 2020

I plan to write reviews on the products I use for my journal journey. Mostly just for my own pleasure as it’s been a while since I am invested in any hobby. No, baking is no longer a hobby but a business to me – I still enjoy for sure, just getting old is all! So I am more than happy to share my (re)new(ed) hobby if anyone is interested! I would also love to hear any thoughts or ideas if you don’t mind sharing.

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