The little time we have left

Today there’s exactly 113 days more to 2020. 113 days, that’s how little time we have left. It got me thinking to what have I achieved this year. What were my goals and where am I reaching to them?

If I were to spend 1 hour each day for the rest of 2019 to work on a skill I’ve been wanting to master, by end of 2019 I would have spent 113 hours working on it. That’s equal to 6780 minutes worth of practice.

And if I spend the same amount of time working on some of those goals I’ve laid out early this year, I’m sure I’d get somewhere by the end of 2019.

If I spend 1 solid hour every day reading the books I’ve wanted to complete, say 20 pages an hour, I’d have read 2260 pages by the end of 2019. That’s like almost 6 books of 400 pages each.

And if I spend the same hour every day writing my incomplete fiction, maybe, just maybe I’d be able to complete it by the year end.

Just one hour a day. There are so many things we can achieve within that amount of time if we do it consistently. Consistent is the key. Focus is another.

What would you do?

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