Random thoughts: head vs heart

When I was younger, I used to follow my heart a lot. Everything I do, I did what my heart told me to. That’s why I made so many mistakes.

I fell in love with many wrong boys.
I went against my parents for those boys.
I skipped classes.
I watched Naruto instead of revising for my exams.
I eat wayyyy too much junk food than my mother knows.

And many more to be shared publicly here. Please let me keep all the embarrassment offline.

And after so many heartaches and sleepless nights and weight gain/loss I’d gone through, I had finally decided that enough is enough. My heart doesn’t get the veto power anymore. It’s time my head take things over.

So these days, I don’t chase after anyone or anything anymore. So called friends who want to leave, can go. So called friends who cannot even respect my time or commitment, can go. Boys who don’t know how to treat me right, can go. Boys who failed to realize that I chose them because I want them, not because I need them, can go. My time is too precious for me to run miles for other people who doesn’t deserve it in the first place.

And I’ve finally found the true meaning of “love yourself before you love others”. But more on that next time 😉

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