Day 2 – Burying Toys

I’m rewinding back to Day 2, which was the first day of work in Glasgow. I slept very early for local time that night but woke up a few times. Probably just my body still on MY time. It was a cold Monday morning, though there wasn’t any rain.

And I was full of energy, I think I was the first to have breakfast as there was no one around when I entered the hotel’s restaurant. I had scrambled eggs, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms and of course coffee (cappuccino with no sugar added) – it was heavenly!

Around 7.45am I went back up to my room and came back down around 8.20am to meet the rest of the agents. I didn’t know anyone at that time. Saw one of the university’s staff (I was guessing from his name tag), and he later introduced himself to the crowd. Finally found out there were 3 other agents from Malaysia, yay!

The morning sessions were more on the introduction, was honoured to meet the Principal, Prof. Sir Jim McDonald. We went to visit the Science faculty after lunch and after a little tour around the university. Everywhere in the university is within walking distance so I can imagine how fit I could get if I was a student there! Lol

Had an early dinner at around 5pm in a restaurant called Ingram Wynd. I had lentil soup and roasted chicken. Was delicious, though the chicken was a little dry.

Next we had a civic reception held especially for us, at the City Chambers. It was beautiful. The building I meant. Took a lot of pictures and I love the stairs and the walls. Classic.

The event ended around 9pm, we then took a walk back to the hotel. It was only about 8 mins away. Loved walking in that weather! It was chilling but it was nice.

So I’ve selected Burying Toys from March of the Slunks for today since my energy was full and I was all excited and inspired. This song gives that energetic vibes for me and I would listen to it especially in the morning and especially when I haven’t had coffee and someone is annoying me! Lol

So, enjoy!

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