Day 8 – Soothsayer

Do you believe in omen? I don’t usually do. But today I gave a little thought about it. Maybe it was coincidental. When you have imparted something in your head, mostly knowingly, somehow you’ll become more aware of the signs that relate to it. And especially when it is actually so common around you that maybe you just didn’t realise it before. Now I am just rationalising my head.

People say don’t make assumption. So I’m not going to assume. And all those omen that I’ve seen since the day I left MY, probably meant nothing. *shrugs*

Well we shall see.

It’s been 8.5 hours since I last arrived at Abu Dhabi. Still breathing, still keeping my sanity in tact. Did take a short nap for like an hour but I was too conscious with the surrounding. Read a few pages from the Scottish book of the year (2010) that I bought in Glasgow. The storyline is quite interesting so far but I’m just a slow reader.

I’ll get something to eat in a while. I think people can easily confuse me with a real life zombie right now. Like really, I may be looking at you right now but actually I’m looking right through you. I may as well sleep with my eyes opened! And I’ve lost count how many stretching styles I’ve tried – lol

Well, may the force be with me!

So today should be the final day I’m writing in Buckethead’s theme. Though I still have a few days missed which will be covered soon I hope. And for today, I’ve chosen Soothsayer for this post. It is the very first song of his that I loved. And I’m just feeling a little melancholy today, probably from watching that movie earlier – Murder on the Orient Express. The ending song really got me – darn!

So, enjoy.

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