Day 7 – Melting Man Part 2

Today is the day I’m leaving back home. Part of me can’t wait to get back to the sunny familiar side where all the routines are fixed. Also another part of me feels the need to clear up the backlog in my work emails. I think there are thousands by now (yes I’m exaggerating).

But there’s also a wee part of me that feels heavy. Not sad, just the thought that I’m gonna miss the 9* weather so much – lol

Can’t deny that the weather has been really kind for all the days I was there. Not a single drop of rain hit me. So I brought the pink umbrella for nothing! 😂

Anyway, there was a slight hiccup at Glasgow Airport today when the airline name written on my ticket was different from the one I’m supposed to board. Resulting in me having to reclaim baggage and re-checked in at Dublin.

And I had to run dragging the 20kg baggage from Terminal 2 to check in at Terminal 1. Can’t believe I can actually sweat in that weather!

So lesson well learnt: never book mixed airlines ever again!!

I am on board to Abu Dhabi right now when I’m writing this. Took a glance outside the window, I can see the stars, many of them up the dark sky. And there’s an array of bright lights from afar I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s phenomenal. It’s just so beautiful I wish I could capture that and share here.

My eyes are killing me now. I’ll write another post when I land later. I have 16 hours to kill in AUH, plenty to write!

Oh and today’s song is Melting Man Part 2, from The Silent Picture Book album which is one of Buckethead’s greatest work for me. Enjoy!

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