Day 4 – Malbert’s Strut

I know I was a wee bit ambitious when I said I’ll write a post each day I am away. Truth is I just couldn’t find time and by the time I’m back in hotel I was already either dead tired or busy texting my family.

But I’ll try to rewind and write about all those missing days. So pardon me for the jump!

Today’s the last day of work here, and I was all ready to start my own adventure tomorrow

The featured picture was captured when I was walking down the street for dinner with my colleagues. Just had to capture the (almost) sunset!

And today’s theme should be none other than Malbert’s Strut from March of the Slunks. For me it’s relaxing, refreshing and a relief after few looooooong days of work!

So, enjoy!

P/S: wrote this yesterday but only managed to post it today, still counts as Day 4 though :p

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