Day 1 – Machete

Today (well more like yesterday actually) is all about flights, transits and airports. And coffee!

I think my body is beyond maxed up right now. Didn’t get much sleep since Wednesday as I was completing a cake order for a very dear friend. And on Friday I was up all night, took power nap for 1.5 hours and got ready for the flight. And my first flight to Abu Dhabi got delayed!

I couldn’t take a nap on the way to Abu Dhabi. Was exhausted but just couldn’t really sleep. Thank God transit in Abu Dhabi was just 2 hours. So on my way to Dublin I slept for 5 hours – lol. I don’t know if I snored or not but both my neighbours didn’t give any weird look. Lmao!

In Dublin for another 5 hours before departing for Glasgow. Didn’t do much in Dublin as I was too tired. Kinda feel like in limbo. And thus the song I chose for this post. If you listen to it, I think it sounds like that.

Well, happy to finally be in my hotel in Glasgow. I’ll be sleeping real early today, for UK time at least.

Tomorrow’s another day!

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