Day 0 – Welcome to the Bucketheadland

If there’s one thing (among few other things) that I’ve been wanting to do, but never had a chance or opportunity to follow through. It’s travelling alone to a far far away place.

And fortunately for me (I’m also trying to convince myself here), I get to do so now, well in 2 more days to be exact. Right now I am feeling calm. But there’s also a slight mixture of nervousness, anxiety, excitement and fear deep inside.

I guess the only way to know is just to go on. And I’m ready. Not the packing part, but more the motivation part. And for all the days I am away, I will try to capture as much pictures as I can and make a post every day with Buckethead songs as my theme. Just hoping the roaming service doesn’t fail me – fingers crossed!

So this is Day 0 post, I named it Welcome to the Bucketheadland for I am entering a new adventure, trying to overcome whatever it is I feel inside. This song is one of the first few songs that I love from the album Giant Robot, released in 1994.

Till I write again, goodnight world!

Cheers, Edahani

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