How I found my sweet blood-sweat-and-tears

I just remembered a conversation I had with one of my acquaintances about a week ago, he was asking how did I get into baking. We didn’t finish the conversation as we got interrupted and I’ve only started telling my story. What a bummer! Lol

Let’s see, how did it all start? I think it was somewhere in 2009, I was still living with my sister from different parents, my best friend, in a rented unit in KL. We were discussing about life and stuff. And we were both heart broken at the time. She just got out of a long there-can’t-be-any-future relationship (not that same year, but more or less) and I had just ended a similar relationship too.

So what can 2 broken women do to get back up? We decided that we need to find our passion. Or just a hobby. And I’ve always liked crafty stuff. I used to make greeting cards for special people in my life. And which girl doesn’t like pretty things? But my best friend said she wasn’t much a crafty person and asked me to go on without her.

Coincidentally another friend of mine happened to be very much interested in paper craft too. So with her, I went to get the tools, books, and I think I’ve spent more than $1.5k on those stuff.  We even went to JB to get a paper cutter (it was Purple Cow’s brand if I still remember it right) – that’s how ‘committed’ I was. Actually more like excited, lol

So with all the tools in my hand, fancy papers too, I started to plan my first creation. It was supposed to be a vintage photo frame of my siblings childhood pictures. I had all the pictures laid on my desk, drafted how it was gonna look like. But nothing ever happened! Hah!

I think one of the main reason/mistake was that I didn’t just dive into that first design. If I had, I might have made plenty by now. But I didn’t. I just didn’t feel inspired enough to make anything. I know, what a lousy excuse.

Paper craft not my thang

Anyway, I finally decided paper craft was not my thang. So I started over again, thinking about what actually am I most passionate about.

And I was, hey, cupcakes! Who doesn’t love cupcakes? They are so cute and dainty and yummy and all drools! And I do enjoy baking cakes for my family even it was only occasionally and only chocolate cake. My brothers are all CRAZY about chocolates so that is all they want for EVERY Raya. Lmao!

That’s when I talked to my best friend about going into baking. She liked the idea too and was all supportive towards it. So we went to buy few needed items. Thanks to her, I didn’t go crazy and spend another fortune to get started. Well I’ve also learnt from my previous mistake. I had to see if baking was really what I wanted to spend my blood, sweat and tears on.

It started with trying a few recipes from Martha Stewart’s website. We did burn a few trays of cupcakes that time. But I was so determined to do everything right, following every single steps in the recipes to make sure it comes out perfect. I think my best friend gave up half way as she couldn’t deal with my everything-needs-to-be-perfect attitude that time – lmao!

Anyway, I then decided that I wanted to learn more on cake decorating and signed myself up to Wilton course. And from there I started taking orders from friends and family and their friends. Oh believe me, I’m actually very much grateful that I had a few permanent guinea pigs around that never get bored tasting anything new I try. Thank God none of them got any poisoning so far! Haha..

So that’s how it all started.

It’s been 8 years now, wow! But I’m glad that I took that first step. I know things won’t be perfect over a night. It took a lot of energy. Not just the work. The amount of ingredients wasted, I hope I’m not punished for that. Never did it intentionally.

One thing I’ve always practiced inherently was to always aim for a better result than that I had in mind. I know my work is not all perfection, I’ve made many many mistakes and the flaws are everywhere. But in the same time I also know I’ve improved, a lot! And it doesn’t stop here. I’m always learning, every day. Not just in caking, in life too.

Maybe I’ll write about all the mistakes I’ve done in another post. Sometimes it’s good to have a reminder and a way to making sure that it’s not repeated.

Till next time.

P/S: I didn’t have much luck with Martha Stewart’s recipes that I tried, and have always preferred NOT to use any of them. This is just my opinion, no offence, maybe I didn’t do it right, but there are many other recipes found online that can be reliable. Just need a little tweak here and there, some are already good on their own. On the other hand, I love Martha Stewart’s paper craft tools – I bought a couple of them and they’re awesome! 🙂

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