Who Am I? – Chapter 3

Every time I see you oh I try to hide away
But when we meet it seems I can’t let go
Every time you leave the room I feel I’m fading like a flower

It was a peaceful Sunday afternoon, I was running a little to catch the bus that had just stopped. Got my seat, phew!

Turned my wrist to glance at my watch, 10 minutes past 1pm. I still have plenty of time. I was feeling a little nervous. This is the first time I’m meeting Adrian in my hometown, we are on semester break. He had just came back from a short trip to Perhentian Island. He said he had something special to give me. Darn!

It was getting closer to Odeon, and my stomach is aching! Why am I feeling this tensed? I tried my hardest to avoid meeting him but looks like I had no choice now. Too late to back out!

These few weeks I’ve started developing some weird feelings for him that I myself wasn’t sure what it is exactly. Coming from all girls school, I can say that I’m new to this.

Knowing that he had just broken up with his girlfriend, I was even more confused if what I’m feeling was empathy or could it be something more?

The bus stopped, ‘Shit, I forgot to press the bell!’ Thank God Odeon wasn’t that far away. I got off the bus and was running towards Odeon.

“Hey, where are you running off to?” a familiar voice came from behind and stopped me. It was Adrian.

“Oh hey! Sorry I’m late!” I was trying hard to catch a breath.

“Nah, I’ve just reached also. Let’s go, it’s gonna start anytime now”. He pulled my left arm and I obliged.

The movie went on for around 1.5 hours and although I did laugh and enjoyed it, my mind was still thinking about his “gift” and did he insist to meet me for that. Why can’t just wait until the break ended and pass me then?

After movie we went for a drink at a stall close by. He took out a stick of cigarette and lit it up. I’m not so much a fan of a smoker but at least he had the courtesy to make sure the smokes don’t blow at me. He knows how much I hate cigarettes.

He was sharing stories about what happened during his trip to Perhentian, I was listening but my mind is everywhere. He then stopped, took a deep breath.

“Actually I have something really important to tell you, and it’s been bugging me like mad. I tried to take my mind off it with the stories but I really can’t”. He paused.

“Okay.” I am feeling even more nervous.

“Well… How do I put this.”, he was trying to search for words.

“What is it?”, I get a little impatience.

“Well.. I’ve actually been having this feeling for a while now. And I think there’s no point hiding anymore. I like you, and I want you more than just friends”.

I can feel blood rushing up my face, shit shit shit! What do I do?!

“Oh..”, Oh? Is that the best I could come up with? Helllooooo!

“Ehem.. I umm.. Really?,” urgh please kill me now!

“Yes really, you silly”, he smiled.

“Well I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything now. But I guess I know what you’ll say,” he smiled again.

Yeah, I guess you know me too well by now. I keep my head down, while my fingers playing with my glass of lemon juice.

…to be continued…



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