The Robot Who Lost Its Head

I think if there’s any music that portrays disappointment, defeat, confused and maybe even on the verge of giving up, without having to say any of it – it’s this track from Buckethead’s March of The Slunks, The Robot Who Lost Its Head.

Maybe it’s just me, but if I feel disappointed and I listen to this track, the feeling is magnified! Lol

It’s not a bad thing, really. It’s one of my favorite tracks so far and I think this album itself is really one of his masterpiece. I love at least half of the album, and they fit every emotion I have. Yes, music can really define my emotions and sometimes can even change them (yikes!). And Buckethead doesn’t really need to say anything in his music. It’s enough.

I haven’t listened to all of his studio albums, I know he has like hundreds of pikes now, I’ll catch up, slowly but surely. And if you’re wondering who on earth is this Buckethead? That Wiki page may give you an idea.

I was introduced to his music by my brother. I think it was some 10 years ago (wow didn’t think it was THAT long!). And it was the song “Soothsayer” that caught me – haunting one! I was then intrigued to listen more of him so I bought the album Crime Slunk Scene on iTunes. Boy was I immediately hooked!

I find Buckethead or his real name Brian Patrick Carroll, a very interesting character/person. He never showed his face (or rarely), always with the mask, the long hair and the (KFC) bucket on his head. I read about him on few pages including his website (which I can no longer locate!).

I love that he has many songs dedicated to people close to him. He’s definitely one of the most gifted musicians on earth and he has super long fingers!

Try watch him play on any YouTube video, you’ll be amazed.

P/S: he was recently diagnosed with a chronic heart disease and it almost broke me to find that out. But I think he got better now, or at least I hope. He’s been touring quite often these few months (I wish I was somewhere close!). I just wish him longer, beautiful and meaningful life! Stay awesome, Brian!


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