True Friend(s)

They are hard to come by. And sometimes we don’t even know who they are until we are tested.

True friends are the ones that encourage you to pursue your dreams, giving you all the positive vibes you need even though they know for real the dreams are not easy (and sometimes stupid).

They are also there behind you all the time, watching, in case you are slipping.

True friends know what’s in your head, even before you tell the whole story.

True friends don’t push you to spend unnecessarily when you’re tight! They are the ones that would be cutting down all the nonsense from your budget.

True friends don’t give up on you.

True friends will always give you the hard truths bcos that’s what you need to hear.

True friends (sometimes) know more about you than your own blood. They are the ones you share your darkest secret, things that no one else in the world should know. They are also the ones that witness you at your most vulnerable stage, when you hit rock bottom, when no one else even bother to ask about you.

This post if for that true friends we have around us.

And for my true friend – you mean the world to me!

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