I started this journey with one mission

Today is the day. And I have one very important mission to carry on. It’s a promise I made to myself as well as my parents.

I am leaving hometown again and this time with a clearer head. The past one and a half years have taught me a lot. It wasn’t easy to be a jobless baker especially when you have to start from scratch. Maybe I didn’t push myself enough, maybe the market wasn’t ready for me. But whatever it is I am glad that I’ve tried it.

And like my best friend said before – it’s better to have tried it now than regret it later. At least I still have a couple more years to turn myself around before I reach 40! Lol

So for 2018, my mission is to fix myself. 2018 should be all about me and me alone. Ok it’s for my parents too, that’s without needing to mention. They are my only VVIP anyway 😊

I know they are sad that I had to leave again. But I also know they understand and gave me their blessing. I hope to come back and visit them more often than I did before. I know my time with them is getting shorter and shorter. I just pray that God gives them the health and all happiness in the world. And I hope they know how much they mean to me.

So 2018, please be kind, and give me your best shot! I am ready.

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