The mask

I think I haven’t written anything (public) for some time now. And today is the result of 3 cups of coffee and 1 cup hot chocolate (3 cups! And I’m already having difficulty sleeping at 3am? Boy do I feel old!)

I should probably let know ahead that this post has got nothing to do with Buckethead in any ways. And the picture used remains property of its owner which I got from Wikipedia I guess. And he (Buckethead) will always always be the awesomest guitarist for me, period!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the mask that each of us wears everyday. Not the facial mask most women and some men wear every once a week, just to be clear. But the one we have on us, knowingly and unknowingly from the moment we open our eyes every morning until the time we go to bed every night.

I never thought I’d have a mask on, I’ve always thought myself as a transparent person, but like it or not, I actually do.

What people see in us is what we want them to see. But are we always in control? Can someone surprise us and read us in a way we ourselves don’t even know? How can we know who we truly are?


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