All that I want is you

Often I read that as a woman, being where I am right now, I should know what kind of person I am looking for as my life partner – someone worth spending the balance I have left in my life, someone I can grow old with.

I don’t usually give much thought about this, maybe because I learnt to teach myself to lower my expectation, or maybe because part of me did not believe that I would actually find someone I can call mine. But lately I’ve given some thoughts on this, I think I should at least know exactly what I want. And I am writing it down here just to remind myself from time to time.

So here goes my simple list. I want someone who…

  1. Has firm faith and value, capable of guiding me and makes me want to be a better person
  2. Will accept me for who I am, not trying to change me. If ever any changes should happened, it should be from my own free will.
  3. Honest and faithful. Humorous and knows how to handle my moods would be added points 🙂
  4. Will leave my past alone, I will do the same to his.
  5. Someone who knows what he wants in life.
  6. Someone who is independent, well groomed, thinks hygiene is important and good at taking care of himself
  7. Someone who is supportive of my interests, pays attention to me, wants to know me and learn me.
  8. Someone who doesn’t hide me from his family and friends, and is proud to have me with him.
  9. Someone who wants me, needs me, misses me when we are apart even for a day and is not afraid to express his feelings for me or at least try to.
  10. Someone who doesn’t forget to wish me good morning and good night everyday, bcos he wants to and a way of showing that he thinks of me too.
  11. Someone who likes and enjoys pampering me with surprises, regardless how little it is. It’s not about the value, it’s more about the efforts
  12. Someone who sometimes gets jealous and shows me that I belong to him.
  13. Someone who can be spontaneous and would come looking for me without telling me, just bcos he misses me.
  14. Someone who is traditional at certain things like prefers to hearing my voice instead of reading my texts.

And I believe relationship takes effort, there’s no such thing as love at the first sight – absolute BS I would say. It’s quite easy to fall in love but the hardest part is to remain in it. I’ve seen many broken hearts around me and I’ll take my time to find one who’s worth it 🙂

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