Who Am I? – Chapter 2

“but if you could heal a┬ábroken heart, wouldn’t time be out to charm you…”

Me: “So, tell me everything!”, I said while slurping my favourite honey lemon juice.

Adrian took a deep breath, he’s now on to another cigarette.

Adrian: “Well, I was just really stupid. Really really stupid. I mean, what was I thinking? Giving her a ring??”

My eyes were wide open and I almost choked on the drink I was enjoying, resulting in sudden coughs while I tried to secure some air into my lung.

Me: “You gave her what? A RING??? Are you crazy? What were you thinking?”

Adrian looked down, staring at his fingers.

Adrian: “I know… I just thought it was the right thing to do at that time. Our relationship were going so well. Although she never really expressed her feelings, but I know she’s happy. And I don’t want to lose her.”

Me: “Adrian, that’s really sweet of you. But still, giving her a ring is just too soon. You might just scare her off. And I guess you did…” – my voice slowed down, I really felt sorry for him.

Adrian: “I guess I did…” – came with a big sigh. “Are you guys going to CC tonight?”

We call cyber cafe as CC, that’s where we go for entertainment, chat with people around the world, or sometimes among us. And most of the boys go there to play online games.

Me: “Yes of course! I am still on the lookout for my Mr Right”, and I gave him a wink with smile on my face.

I wasn’t at all that serious about finding a guy on mIRC, it was just to kill some time (and waste some money?), and spend some time with my friends. Also be entertained by those people I meet there.

Adrian forced a smile from his lips.

…to be continued…

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