I’ve always been really really bad at drawing!

So I tried to draw Matthew Perry tonight from this app I downloaded couple of days back called “Sketches” on my iPad. I was really confident that I can draw him, at least just his face that’s currently set as my iPad wallpaper.

I was really doing good, drawing and erasing and drawing again, starting from his side hair, to his chin, then his ears and eyebrows, going to his nose, then I had to check how his nose shaped, so I closed the app to go to my wallpaper. Got back to the app and to my horror, my drawing disappeared!!! Damn. I should have ticked that auto-save thingy. Urghhh!

Oh well, guess I’ll try again. This time I’ll try using my Wacom that I bought years back and never really used it. Maybe I can finally make use of it. All for Matthew Perry.

So bottomline is, nothing to show here tonight! 🙁

Except maybe for this… yumm…..

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