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I thought I would start with what I believe would be my most favorite book, “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, but I guess I will take my time with that book, definitely NOT bcos of the contents, but more of the ‘size’, too overwhelmed for me. I did start for the first nine pages (including the intro, ok?) and found it very interesting that I don’t think I have a problem to keep reading it later. I do love the writing style too. Let’s see.

So the next book which is my first mission, is definitely the total opposite of Steve Jobs. The book is called “Cures for Love” by Stendhal, or his real name Marie Henri Beyle (1783-1842)

I bought this book 3 years ago (16 October 2011 to be exact) from the Big Bad Wolf fair, and never read it until today.

It’s a little classic for my taste but it’s surely the thinnest book I have on my book shelf, hence the choice.

And since I’ve recently made peace with my last relationship, after being broken up for 3 years (officially-yes it’s complicated, and I’m not gonna go into that here), I guess this book is a call for me. Maybe.

So I’ve completed the first chapter today, and in conclusion, there are 4 types of love: passionate, mannered, physical & vanity.

I think the understanding we have for each types of love depends on how we perceive them.

And like the author concluded at the end of the chapter,

Instead of defining four kinds of love, one might well admit eight or ten distinctions… Every variety of love mentioned henceforth is born, lives, dies, or attains immortality in accordance with the same laws

It’s true, love being born is a norm, that’s the beginning. But love dies too, eventually, under certain circumstances. And some love remains, even when the person is no longer surrounding us, living or demised.

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