Who Am I? – Chapter 1

“I have always been my own worst enemy”

It was an evening in August, 1998, when I arrived at the college building. Some of my friends were already there, waiting for the rest of us to arrive, before leaving to Kuala Lumpur. My dad went to send me that night. I asked him to wait while I went to look for my friends.

I turned my head around looking for my good friend Rachel. There she was! Standing and talking to one of the boys. Oh yes, she was pretty famous among the boys, being one of the most attractive one in the class.

Me: “Hey, I was looking all around for you!”

Rachel: “Oh hey! Sorry I didn’t see you!”

Me: “Isn’t this excited?” – with a big grin on my face.

Rachel: “Yea it is, but I’m definitely gonna miss my mum…” – she was looking a little sad. Of course she is, she was really close with her mum and being the youngest of her siblings doesn’t really make departing an easy task for her.

And as for me, I couldn’t wait to start the adventure of my own! Not that I wouldn’t miss my mum and dad, but I’ve always believed I’m a tough girl and there’s nothing I can’t do on my own. Besides, I’ve never been away from my family for my whole life. And being 19 at that time, I was very much eager to explore the world.

We both got onto the bus, waving goodbye to our parents, I saw my dad waving at me, standing next to his car, I felt a little sad. But quickly brushed the feelings off and went searching for some chips from my bag.

The next morning, we reached Ampang at about 6:30am. We got down from the bus and I realized we were surrounded by few apartment buildings. The bus stopped right in front of a condo called “Ayers Tower”. Well I guess that’s where we’ll stay for at least the next one year while we pursue for our Diploma in Computer Science, a collaboration between a local college, PTPL and a local university, UPM.

I was placed in the same unit as Rachel, and 6 more girls who were already staying there. Yup, 8 of us in the apartment. I didn’t really care about that then, the most important thing is that I have a place to stay, it was convenient as there were few shops around, 7-11 was just 3 minutes walk away, and I have my computer with me! – yea, I know how geeky I sound!

Ring ring! Ring ring!

I jumped and quickly grab my mobile. It was my mum, asking me how things were and if I had eaten anything. I told her everything was fine and that I was settling down, organizing my clothes in the wardrobe. She said she’ll call again tonight.

Ring ring! Ring ring!


Me: “Hello mama! Did you forget something?”

Boy’s voice: “Hello, no this is not your mum”

Me: “Oh hi Adrian!” – quickly I recognized the voice, blushed a little.

Adrian: “Is Rachel there? I couldn’t get her”

Me: “Oh she’s in shower. I’ll let her know that you called?”

Adrian: “Please. Let’s go for breakfast!”

Me: “Sure, we’ll be there in an hour”

Adrian: “See you!”

An hour later we went down and saw Adrian and Hank standing at the lobby, with cigarettes in their hands.

‘Ugh, why on earth did he invite Hank?!’ – I mumbled to myself, feeling irritated. I didn’t really like Hank with his permanent smirk on his face and I just feel he’s super arrogant brat. Worse, he’s also our class leader! Damn it.

We went to an eatery close to the apartment. Adrian was trying his best to entertain Rachel. They were both my good friends and Adrian has been courting her for a couple of months before Rachel finally decided to give him a chance. I just think they look cute together! And Rachel is so lucky to have someone as caring and funny as Adrian. I just couldn’t understand why Rachel seems to treat him very cold heartedly despite what he has done.

Rachel: “Hey Evita, what are you doing tonight?”

Me: “Studying I guess? Haha” I laughed for no reason.

Rachel: “Really? Not replying some emails from some secret admirer of yours?” – giving me a smirk on her face.

Me: “Seriously, stop. I really hate that.”

For the last 2 months since I arrived in Kuala Lumpur, I’ve received 3 emails from an unknown sender, claiming that he likes me and that he wanted to know me more. So cheesy!

Two more months passed by, things were not looking good between Adrian and Rachel. She was refusing to listen to him and he was getting tired from trying to please her.

Me: “Hey Rach, what’s happening with you two? Why are you being so hard on him?”

Rachel: “I don’t know babe. I just don’t feel it. Yes he’s nice and all but what if someone better comes along?”

Me: “You sure you wanna do that? You might regret it one day.”

Rachel: with a sigh “I don’t know. I don’t wanna think about it now. Let’s just see”

It was 10pm on March 12, 1999, I was sitting at my desk, focusing on the assignments I had to submit the next day, when Rachel came back (from dinner with Adrian I supposed) with a long face, slamming the door and went straight to the room without a single word.

‘Oh ow… someone’s dinner was obviously ruined…’, I said to myself, not bothering to ask her anything.

And as I had expected, Adrian called me almost immediately.

Me: “What happened dude?! She looks really angry! Are you okay?”

Adrian: “It’s all over! It’s ALL over!”

Honestly, I wasn’t that surprised. I knew sooner or later she would dump him, be it for another guy or just simply.

I can’t help but feeling sympathetic towards Adrian. I know how much he loves her. She just didn’t know how lucky she was.

Adrian: “Can I see you for a while? I need to talk”

Me: “Sure. I’ll meet you down in 10mins”

I saved whatever I managed to accomplish for the night, log off my PC and went into my bedroom. Changed myself into another t-shirt and jeans, grabbed my jacket and glasses, put on my simple sandal and walked out the door.

When I reached the ground floor and walked towards the staircase at the lobby, I saw Adrian sitting on the stairs, inhaling a cigarette in his mouth.

Me: “Hey, how’s it going?” with a soft pat on his shoulder.

He turned his head to give me a glance and turn back in front and exhaled, smokes came out of his mouth.

Adrian: “Sucks?”

Me: “What happened?”

He was looking down, staring at his feet, he then took a deep breath and released a heavy sigh.

Adrian: “Let’s go for a drink”

We got up and walked outside the apartment compound, crossing the road towards a 24-hour local eatery.

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