(This is not a movie review)

Numb was screened back in 2007 but I don’t remember it showing here in Malaysia. And I wasn’t as crazy for Matthew Perry at that time so of course I wouldn’t have paid attention to his movies.

When I decided to watch this movie it was just to kill some time as I’ve been having some difficulties sleeping lately. So I thought well let’s watch something boring, hoping that I’d fall directly asleep maybe less than half way through the movie.

Boy was I wrong! Hats down to the writer, producer, and Matthew Perry especially for bringing it VERY well. I would give this a 7 star – best movie I’ve watched this year!

I’m not very familiar with depersonalization disorder and no I don’t (think) have one, but I think I can relate to Hudson at some level.

I’m not sure what could cause it but most probably what happened to him during his childhood, how he was rejected by his mother and his only brother, and the fact that he has only very few in his circle of life. And probably being anti-social has something to do with that too. I don’t know.

Now these actually scares me a little as I find similarities in the traits. Except that my mum is nothing like his mum.

I do too believe that if I say something bad about someone or a situation that it would really happen. Especially when it relates to death. Though I can still say the word “death”.

I think I should really start counting my negative thoughts and do something about it.

Well in conclusion, great movie, good reminder when you feel like you’re alone, falling apart, detached, and nobody is there to help you – that’s reality. And lesson here: only you can help yourself & it all starts when you start accepting yourself. I surely don’t want to end up not feeling my own hands!

Thanks Matthew Perry!