My New Baby :)

This post was drafted on January 27th and has been safely kept in draft, I am hoping I can publish it today. May the force be with me!

20th January 2014 was the day this new baby of mine was ‘born’, well, not exactly but that was the day I received it 🙂

Please meet my new oven, Europa OvenMate Professional. I’ve been eyeing on this baby for more than a year since this is the only range that I can afford for now. My dream one of course won’t be other than SMEG, especially the freestanding range 🙂

I bought this online from Ban Huat Electrical in Penang, my first choice was actually to buy direct from Kee Huat Radio in PJ, but when I walked in the shop, the lady who assisted me refused to give me any discount even a single cent. And she was busy asking me to just take the oven and insisted that I go to the nearby bank and withdraw money (I told her I didn’t bring any cash and asked if she accept debit card).

I didn’t feel good with the way she reacted and told her that I saw a much cheaper option on the net. She dared me to get from that distributor (Ban Huat) and said that there will be other ‘hidden’ charges. Well then I decided to take the risk and called Ban Huat. They offered me a discounted price of RM1.7k++ (Kee Huat set the price at RM2.1k++). I was more than happy to hear that and decided to get it from them although I would need to give them about 3 working days for delivery.

So on 20th January 2014, the oven was delivered to my house. I kept praying that everything will go fine and that I won’t get any rejected item or something :p

Here’s how it looks like when I first met him:

And I have tested with some sugar cookies I had some leftover batter that I kept in my fridge. A little bit burnt though… 😀

Ok, I think enough sore to the eyes for one day :p Let me get used to the temperature and other ‘unknown’ attitude yet this baby might have :p