My 2013 Hopes (Part 1)

Its 2:40am now and my eyes just wouldn’t shut. So I’ve decided to just get up and speak to God and reflect upon myself for what I’ve become now…

I know, in my current state, for me to be better, I must first repair myself. Things I should have done long time ago but was never really determined enough to get it started. So I’ve decided to create a list here as a reminder to myself and hopefully also as a forcing factor for me to get them completed, I do care about my pride ok? 😉

Hope #1: to get closer to God. I believe it all starts here. For He is the only one with the ultimate power to make everything I can ever hope for comes true. And I believe, when He choose, it’s what’s best for me. For He knows all the unknown and all the unwritten and all the untold.

Hope #2: mind my words & my thoughts, as I am responsible for them. What others think and say is totally none of my business. I should learn to keep myself clean and away from all the negative vibes. Also, mind my own business, stop being so busy body, especially to those that obviously don’t need/ask for my attention!

Hope #3: get a driving license (for real!) – this is one waaay overdue! Insya Allah, I’ll be getting it by January or February next year 🙂

Hope #4: be kinder to my parents especially, and everyone else around me. I should call them more often and spend more time with them instead of hoping they’d come and find me. This is strictly only for the closest circle I know that truly care and love me no matter what. They’re the exceptional, the privileged.

Hope #5: ALWAYS, always think the best in everyone. Never have a doubt. And most importantly, don’t assume things. Everything happens for a reason, so does everyone. It’s not my place to judge any of them.

… to be continued … 🙂