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I was still on the first few chapters (more like 2nd or 3rd chapter) of the last book I posted, and I got a message from my colleague saying that my boss asked me to finish reading the book he loaned me (so I can be smarter) few weeks back. Mind you, I DID start reading that book and got stuck at 2nd chapter! And every time I opened the book to start reading, my yawn started too! 😛

But since my boss claimed that he would give me a test tomorrow (which is today!) I am left with no choice but to force myself to go through the pages! So I was drafting this while I was reading yesterday, just to share what I got from this book.

economics is not about predicting the future, nor it is about taking political sides. economics is a framework for thinking about the questions

3 basic questions of economics: what is made? how is it made? who is going to consume it&63;

when economists talk about price, we’re talking about the exchange value.

Next, I learned about demand & supply.

a cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing – Oscar Wilde (1891)

Ok, let me flip through more pages and so I can share more here!


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