back to reality! (but still dreaming)

after long hours drive (no i didn’t drive, my brother in-law did) and a stop at Cameron Highlands for an overnight, i’ve finally reached home! thank God for the safe wonderful journey. had great time with my family.

though i’m not feeling so well most probably from the lack of sleep last few days and before Eid, didn’t really have good rest. just hoping these sore throats, cough and fever will go away soonest possible as i have deadlines to catch up!

i’m still on break but already have many many plans in my head. please Lord help me and guide me through this.


i fell in love with these freshness!

my americano for brunch

strawberries with honey & yoghurt

strawberries & whipped cream

my nephew giving a funny face 😛

p/s: these pictures were taken at Big Red Strawberry Farm, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia (our must-stop each time we place a visit there) on my mobile, pardon me for the quality (if any :P)

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